Islamic Emirate urges US not to impose ‘western culture’ on other countries

KABUL (SW) – In response to a recent report by the United States Department of State regarding the human rights situation in Afghanistan, the Islamic Emirate emphasizes its commitment to ensuring human rights based on Sharia law in Afghanistan.

However, the US Department of State, in its annual report on human rights worldwide published on Monday, has deemed the human rights situation in Afghanistan, particularly the Islamic Emirate’s approach towards women, as concerning.

The “elimination” of women from society through various decrees by the Islamic Emirate and the alarming conditions of prisons, along with the political imprisonment of individuals by the Islamic Emirate, are among the issues that the US Department of State has expressed concern about in its report.

The Islamic Emirate still demands that America and other countries not impose “Western culture” on other nations.

Hamdullah Fetrat, Deputy Spokesperson for the Islamic Emirate, said: “The Western world, which advocates Western human rights in Afghanistan, an Islamic society, seeks to impose Western culture in Afghanistan, which the Afghan people do not want in any way.”

Nevertheless, some experts also criticize America’s approach to human rights issues and believe that America is using human rights as a tool to pressure countries like Afghanistan.

Abdul Qadir Qanat, a political analyst, says: “Human rights have become a tool for America to pressure Islamic nations and weak countries.”

Moreover, these experts argue that the Islamic Emirate has not paid sufficient attention to human rights and the formation of an inclusive government, which is an important prerequisite for the recognition of this government by the international community.

Mohammad Baqer Mohseni, a political expert, says: “This is the request of the international community as well as people of Afghanistan. Therefore, the Islamic Emirate needs to pay necessary attention to the needs and conditions of the people of Afghanistan in these matters.”

It is worth mentioning that the US Department of States’s report also criticizes the “power monopoly in Afghanistan” and emphasizes that America currently has “no intention of recognizing the Islamic Emirate”.