Cabinet approves plan to address issue of mounting traffic accidents

KABUL (SW) – The cabinet of the Islamic Emirate ministers has approved a plan aimed to prevent traffic accidents.

Hamdullah Fetrat, the deputy spokesperson of the Islamic Emirate, says this plan is going to be more effective in preventing traffic incidents.

“This plan is for different sectors. It is short-term, medium-term and long-term that will reduce traffic congestion and create alternative ways for cars to travel. All urban laws must be implemented, and the speed must be controlled on the highways, and it will be implemented by the relevant institutions,” He added.

This comes as citizens have been demanding the General Directorate of the Traffic police of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the de-facto government to control the roads and highways more to reduce the speed of cars.

Islamuddin, a resident of Ghazni province, says: “We ask the traffic management to control the roads in order to reduce traffic accidents in the country.”

Earlier, Abdul Matin Qane, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Interior Affairs of the Islamic Emirate, said that in the last six months, 1978 traffic incidents were recorded in Afghanistan, as a result of which 949 people died.

The General Directorate of Traffic Police of the Ministry of Interior says that more than 3,000 traffic incidents were registered in Afghanistan last year, as a result of which 600 people died and 3,000 others were injured.

Abdul Wadud Khairkhah, director of the planning department of the traffic police department of the Ministry of Interior, says: “Last year, 3,402 accidents occurred, as a result of which 600 people died and 3,000 people were injured.”

Traffic incidents have increased in the past few months in different provinces and as a result hundreds of people have been killed and injured.

Damaged roads and carelessness of drivers are said to be one of the most important causes of traffic accidents in Afghanistan.