Analysts see necessities compelling countries to engage with Afghanistan

KABUL (SW) – The Russian news agency TASS, citing its sources in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia, has reported that the ministries of justice, foreign affairs, and some related institutions are examining the issue of removing the name of the Islamic Emirate from the “terrorism” list of this country.

Alongside this, Zamir Kabulov, Russia’s Special Representative for Afghanistan also told TASS that there is currently regular cooperation between Moscow and Kabul in combating terrorism.

Analysts consider such green-lighting of countries as a fresh move towards Afghanistan’s exit from isolation. They urge the Islamic Emirate to pursue a balanced foreign and domestic policy to take advantage of these approaches for Afghanistan’s exit from isolation.

Zia Hussaini, an expert in international relations, says, “If the priority and goal of foreign policy are to strengthen political stability in Afghanistan and prioritize social and economic development, it can stabilize the people of Afghanistan and have regional and global cooperative and interactionist perspectives at this time.”

Experts also believe that the compulsion and needs of countries, especially regional countries, will lead them to strengthen their interaction with Afghanistan. Addressing security concerns and terrorism in Afghanistan, reducing the influence and hegemony of rival countries, and considering the Islamic Emirate as the only active political force in Afghanistan are among the most compelling needs and necessities that experts believe will force countries, especially regional ones, to adopt a more interactive approach with Afghanistan.

“There is a kind of competition over the Taliban; everyone, including America and other countries, want to have a powerful force like the Taliban alongside them, and every country wants to have such a force alongside them,” said Wali Forozan, another expert in international relations.

It is worth mentioning that the names of at least 24 members of the Islamic Emirate are currently on the United Nations blacklist, and many countries across the world have placed the Islamic Emirate on their terrorism blacklist for years.

Earlier, Kazakhstan also reported on the examination of removing the name of the Islamic Emirate from the terrorism list of this country, but this has not yet been implemented.