UNICEF distributed new books to over 5.7 million children in Afghanistan’s Public Schools in 2023

KABUL (SW) – The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) in Afghanistan has announced that it distributed new textbooks to 5.7 million children in Afghanistan’s public schools in 2023.

UNICEF wrote in the social media platform X on Sunday that, this agency continues to provide books and educational materials to primary school students throughout Afghanistan.

previously, UNICEF highlighted the serious challenges on the road to education in Afghanistan by publishing a report.

According to the UNICEF report, only 13% of children in grades two and three have reading skills, despite 200,000 new students expected to enroll in primary schools this year.

The de-facto government, however, assured efforts to standardize education, solve the challenges facing education in Afghanistan, and work on the plan to reopen girls’ schools.

Officials from the Ministry of Education also say that in order to expand education throughout Afghanistan in the last two years, 972 new schools and 200 local schools have been established in different provinces.