Two members of Islamic Emirate release from Guantanamo prison

KABUL (SW) – Officials of the de-facto government stated that two members of the Islamic Emirate has been released from Guantanamo prison on Monday.

Abdul Matin Qane, the spokesperson for the Ministry of Interior, said that Abdul Zaher Saber and Abdul Karim, two members of the Islamic Emirate who were under observation in Oman, returned to Kabul on Monday morning.

“Abdul Zaher Saber and Abdul Karim, two members of the Islamic Emirate, were released from Guantanamo prison after spending 14 years and were transferred to Oman, and they have spent 7 years in Oman without permission to travel to other countries,” Qane added.

According to Qane, Abdul Karim, a resident of Khost, was detained by the Pakistani government on August 14, 2002, and Abdul Zaher Saber, a resident of Logar, was arrested by the American forces on May 10, the same year. Both had been transferred to Guantanamo prison.

Qane further said that these two individuals had spent seven years in house arrest in Oman and were released after the efforts of the Islamic Emirate.

There was no immediate comment from American authorities.