Islamic Emirate urges nations to restrict political opponents abroad

KABUL (SW) – Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesperson for the de-facto government, asks other countries not to allow the political opponents of the Islamic Emirate to operate in their territory.

Lately, Essa Mohammadi, a social activist and opponent of the Islamic Emirate in Iran, has been barred from leaving the country with his name on the exit control list.

In this regard, Mujahid tells Salam Watandar: “For the sake of maintaining the stability and security of Afghanistan, countries should not allow any direction that is against stability and security and against the current regime, because this is for the benefit of countries and stability and security in the region. We want to cooperate for the stability of the region; therefore, those who are against stability and security should not be allowed to operate.”

Earlier, the Islamic Emirate stated that on January 18, during a meeting with Mohammad Abdul Kabir, the political deputy of the Prime Minister’s Office, the Turkish ambassador in Kabul, pledged that his country would not allow any activity against the Islamic Emirate. Something that the Turkish government has not officially confirmed.

Experts believe that nations are hesitant to invest in conflict, providing an opportunity for Afghanistan’s de-facto government to focus on achieving permanent stability in the country.

They emphasize that the de-facto government’s antagonism with the world and disobedience to national and international demands to establish a government have caused the world’s approach to Afghanistan is still not being used properly.

Bilal Fatemi, an expert on international relations, says: “This approach of the countries towards the Taliban is not forever. We advised the Taliban to take advantage of this opportunity and solve the internal and external problems of Afghanistan and not let this opportunity slip away and countries strengthen their opponents; because a slight movement by America and Westerners in this matter can bring about changes.”