International Climate Change meeting in Nangarhar: Participants urge global cooperation with Afghanistan

NANGARHAR (SW) – During the second day of the International Climate Change Meeting at Nangarhar University, several participants presented their scientific and research articles.

In these articles, the main causes of climate change, its consequences and ways to prevent it, have been addressed.

The second day of the international climate change meeting has been conducted on Sunday.

The participating individuals in the meeting, ask for global cooperation with Afghanistan to avert the adverse consequences of climate change.

Waisulhadi Oryakhel, the president of Laghman University and one of the participants of the meeting, says that Afghanistan is one of the countries that is most affected by climate change. He emphasizes that

“holding such meetings plays a crucial role in drawing the attention of donor countries” to the urgent and pressing environmental challenges faced by Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, Fazal Nagar, the press officer of Nangarhar University, says that on the second day of the climate change meeting, a number of participants presented the prepared 100 researchs. According to him, among the presenters of the articles, 11 of them are professors from foreign universities.