Work begins on new housing units for earthquake victims in Herat

HERAT CITY (SW) – Work has begun on at least 730 residential units in Rabat Sangi district of Herat province for the earthquake victims, confirmed officials.

Ahmedullah Muttaqi, the head of information and culture department in Herat and the spokesperson of the commission for dealing with earthquake victims of this province, said the construction of these residential houses has started. He said these houses will be built in 45 days and will be distributed to the earthquake victims.

According to him, these houses are being built by the Islamic Emirate at a cost of 400 million afghani.

On the other hand, Sharafuddin Muslim, Deputy Minister of Rural Rehabilitation and Development, says that the Islamic Emirate is fulfilling the promises it made to the earthquake victims in Herat.

According to Mr. Muslim, after building residential houses in the earthquake-affected areas, they are still starting to rebuild half-ruined houses.

Officials still say that the construction of residential houses is currently underway in 40 villages in the earthquake-affected areas of Herat, and each house costs about 180,000 afghanis.

Last week, officials announced the construction of 650 residential houses in Zindajan district of this province.