Stanekzai says embassy in India would soon reopen

KABUL (SW) – Abbas Stanekzai, the political deputy of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the caretaker government, in an interview with national television, says that the Afghan embassy and consulates in India are in contact and they will be reopened soon.

Meanwhile, the Afghan embassy in Delhi had announced the complete suspension of its activities in a statement last week.

However, Stanekzai rejected this statement and added: “Someone named Naimi, who was a diplomat and announced that the embassy is closed and services are not provided, is a false claim.”

Stanekzai also said that the Afghan consulates in Mumbai and Hyderabad are active and in contact with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate.

The Afghan Embassy in India said in its statement that due to the constant problems with the Indian government, the closure of this political representation has been implemented.

India is also among the countries that have not yet recognized the government of the Islamic Emirate despite trade with Afghanistan and humanitarian relations.