Kabul residents facing prolonged electricity outages

KABUL (SW) – A number of Kabul residents told Salam Watandar that they do not have access to electricity during most of the working hours.

They want the authorities to reduce the power outages in Kabul city.

Nasser Ahmadi, the owner of a furniture workshop in Kabul, said that the cycle of his work has been stopped for days due to the increase in electricity black outs, and he is not even able to pay the rent of his shop.

He adds: “If we have additional electricity, our work will flow and we use electricity for all our work tools, such as wind turbines, air machines, electric machines, and if we don’t have electricity, we will be unemployed, and if we are unemployed, we will be in deep trouble at the end of the month.”

Zainullah, the owner of a tailoring workshop in Kabul, complains about the power shortage, saying that due to lack of access to electricity, he remains unemployed for six hours a day.

He adds: “We stay idle for five to six hours a day because of the electricity shortage.”

In addition, some other residents of Kabul say that they do not have access to electricity for more than 10 hours a day.

Rasool, a resident of the city, complains about the power shortage, saying that he does not have access to electricity when he needs it. He wants the Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat to reduce the charges.

Rasool adds: “In a day and night from five to six hours, we don’t have any electricity and we don’t have any access to it anymore, and we can’t use electronic devices at home because of it.”

However, officials at the DABS say that due to the increase in the demand of the residents of Kabul for electricity, the demand for electricity has also increased.

Hekmatullah Meyvandi, the spokesperson of DABS, says that a memorandum of understanding was signed for the transfer of 500 kW power line from Turkmenistan to Afghanistan with a private company, which will be completed in two years.

The spokesperson adds that this institution is trying to reduce the electricity shortage in Kabul. “People should be patient in this sector so that we can play an important role in regulating electricity and increasing electricity over time.”

According to the statistics, 500 megawatts of electricity are needed in one day and night to supply electricity to the capital’s residents, and this company can only supply 60% of it for now.