Female entrepreneur help girls learn carpet weaving in Balkh

MAZAR-E-SHARIF (SW) – By establishing a carpet weaving workshop, a lady in Balkh has provided at least 300 women and girls with the opportunity to work and learn this skill.

Alia Makhdoom, one of the women entrepreneurs in Balkh who has been striving to free women from poverty, said that the purpose of establishing a carpet weaving workshop is to support and help the girls and women. Alia Makhdoom, the head of this carpet weaving workshop, told Salam Watandar that at least 300 women and girls deprived of work and education, internally displaced and homeless women are working in this workshop.

She added: “I have been active here for seven months. Currently, at least 300 women and girls are working with us directly and indirectly. Some of our employees are women addicts who have now quit addiction and homeless women.”

Meanwhile, a number of women who are busy working in this carpet weaving workshop, said the creation of this center is a window of hope for a better tomorrow.

Naseeba and Taj Gul, two employees of this workshop, told Salam Watandar that by working in this workshop, they can get rid of mental ailments. These women add that by creating work fields in sewing and carpet weaving workshops, it is possible to provide self-sufficiency to women.

Naseeba said: “Before I started weaving carpets, I was like an addict. I suffered a lot from unemployment and today I am very happy to work here.”

Taj Gul said: “After the school closed, it was very good for us to work in the carpet workshop. It is good for our economy. We want the government to support us.”

However, officials in Balkh Department of Industry and Commerce said that efforts to support business women and entrepreneurs in this province are underway.

Nasir Ahmad Niazi, Deputy Director of Industry and Commerce of Balkh, says that they are working in coordination with various aid institutes and institutions to support women entrepreneurs. He added: “We have always supported women entrepreneurs. We referred these women to organizations and institutions that work in the sewing and carpet weaving sector, and we always support women entrepreneurs.”

Carpet weaving industry has been common in Afghanistan for a long time and it is one of the largest carpet producers in Asia.