Baradar dubbs Iran’s trip as successful

KABUL (SW) – Abdul Ghani Baradar, the deputy prime minister for economic affairs of the caretaker government, has returned with his accompanying delegation after the six-day trip to Iran.

In a press conference at the Kabul International Airport on Friday evening, the economic deputy of the caretaker government said that this trip was a successful trip for Afghanistan and that important memorandums were signed with Iran in various sectors. Abdul Ghani Baradar added that the most important achievement of this trip was the signing of the Chabahar Memorandum in order to facilitate the export and import of commercial goods to foreign countries.

The economic deputy of the Prime Minister’s Office eemphasized “Alhamdulillah, we visited Iranian officials there and had meetings with some of them, we also visited some areas. Our visit was to find an easy and cheap way for Afghan products to increase our business, we signed many memorandums. God willing, our trade will increase and Afghan products will reach the world and reach other countries at a very cheap price.”

On the other hand, the Acting Minister of Industry and Trade, who was a member of Afghanistan’s economic delegation to Iran, said that during this trip, they signed 68 joint memorandums of understanding with Iranian officials and the working teams of the two countries have set a one-month deadline to follow up on this memorandum.

Nuruddin Azizi, Acting Minister of Industry and Trade, said that these memorandums have been signed in the fields of industry, transit, agriculture, mining, oil and gas, border issues, health, transportation, railways, and communication and information technology.

He adds: “This trip had good achievements; We signed a general memorandum in 68 cases, some of which have been given up to a month to work on its details. There is also an agreement on aviation that we should have common aviation. It is an agreement on port areas. It is the ninth transportation meeting, we reached an agreement. It is an iron melting company, with whom we made an understanding that they want to invest in Afghanistan for raw materials and steel.”

It should be mentioned that Abdul Ghani Baradar and his delegation went to Iran last Saturday at the official invitation of Tehran, in order to expand the economic relations between the two countries.