Sar-e-Pul hosts maiden literary festival under the Islamic Emirate rule

SAR-E-PUL (SW) – The first cultural and literary festival was held in Sar-e-Pul last week under the rule of the Islamic Emirate.

This mushaira was organized by the department of information and culture of this province with the participation of a number of poets, writers and young people.

Apart from reading their poems and articles, the poets and writers of this meeting asked the officials of the Department of Information and Culture of  tto help publish their books and articles.

The director of Jawzjan poets and writers association, Alisher Intar, coconsidered it important to organize such fairs for the promotion of culture of reading books among the youth.

He adadded”Unfortunately, the bad economic situation has caused poets and writers to not be able to publish their books.”

The poets and writers of Jawzjan and Sar-e-Pul want the Islamic Emirate and other institutions to cooperate with them in improving their skills and motivating other young people.

Safiullah Nadeem, a local poet, said: “We want the Islamic Emirate and institutions to create more such programs and cooperate with poets and writers.”

Meanwhile, director of information and culture, Fakhruddin Umair Sar-e-Puli said that he has shared the problems of the poets and writers of this province with the Ministry of Information and Culture. He aadded “We are happy that we have all gathered under one umbrella. We are trying to solve the problems of poets, to publish several books and articles.”

On the other hand, Jawzjan’s director of information and culture, Saifuddin Mutasim, said that this festival, in addition to unity and mutual acceptance, also conveys the message of encouraging the youth to use the available opportunities to improve their skills. He added: “This program has unity and sympathy that has reduced the distance between the provinces, so many poets and writers come for peace and participate in the program. All this is for the benefit of security and peace.”

Officials in Sar-e-Pul and Jawzjan said that they will organize other cultural and literary meetings in the near future.