Mutaqqi blames the world for using the issue of inclusiveness as a pressure tool

KABUL (SW) – Amir Khan Mutaqqi, foreign minister of the Islamic Emirate, has accused the world of using this issue of inclusive government as a means of pressure and an excuse against Afghanistan.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, citing Amir Khan Mutaqqi, acting head of the ministry, has stated that the world has put pressure on the Islamic Emirate under the pretext of inclusive government.

Although the Islamic Emirate always insists on the inclusiveness of this government, it says that they have not been presented with a version of the inclusiveness of the government so far demanded by the world.

Analysts believe Afghanistan and its citizens require the formation of an inclusive government that includes all the components and factors of an inclusive government, which includes the meaningful presence of representatives of different classes and opinions of the society, specialization, a comprehensive constitution and common values such as the national flag that everyone agrees on.

Baqir Mohseni, expert on political issues, says: “Unfortunately, we are witnessing today that the system was not only inclusive rather, it is completely single-party and even single-minded, ethnic groups do not have a meaningful presence in the political system, and on the other hand, women, who make up half of the society, unfortunately do not have any role or presence in the political system.”

According to experts, the government of the Islamic Emirate, due to the formation of a government whose entire leadership is from one group, the continuity of the government with the Islamic Emirate’s own flag, and the absence of a constitution that provides justice for all citizens, has taken an approach contrary to the expectations of forming a comprehensive government.

They emphasize that until the Islamic Emirate adopts a comprehensive government with all the factors of such a government and solves the existing internal problems and takes serious steps in order to represent Afghanistan and its citizens, it is not possible to be recognized by the international community soon.

Weis Naseri, another expert on political issues, told Salam Watandar about this issue: “Taliban/Islamic Emirate must know and accept that the world is never, ever ready to accept the rule of one group and one nation in Afghanistan as per the five-year experience of their previous administration.”

It should be mentioned that the Islamic Emirate has been ruling Afghanistan for more than two years. It has been struggling not only in the field of forming a comprehensive government, but in other important areas as well such as respecting human rights and fighting terrorism, which is one of the important preconditions of the world.

It should be remembered that the Islamic Emirate formed the cabinet of its current leader two years ago on 07 September 2021.