Mine explosion kills two children in Faryab

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MAIMANA (SW) – The local officials of Faryab say that two shepherds died as a result of a mine explosion in Garzivan district of this province.

Shamsullah Mohammadi, head of information and culture of Faryab, said that this incident happened at 7:30 Monday night in “Gholbian” area of Garzivan district. Shamsullah Mohammadi added that the mine exploded when two shepherd children were playing with it.

According to the head of information and culture Faryab, the deceased were named Gul Mohammad and Haji Murad, 12 and 17 years old and residents of Garzivan district.

Earlier, three children died and three others were injured due to a mine explosion in Khajah-Sabzposh district of Faryab.

Afghanistan is one of the most polluted countries in terms of having embedded mines and explosive ammunition left over from the war.