Humanitarian aid declining, says officials

KABUL (SW) – Officials in the Ministry of Economy say that the aid of foreign aid organizations has decreased this year compared to last year.

In response to the recent report of the United Nations Security Council regarding the temporary suspension of 56 aid programs of this organization, they say that this issue is due to the technical problems of these organizations themselves.

Abdul Rahman Habib, the spokesman of the Ministry of Economy, says that the reduction in aid from international relief organizations was due to the lack of funds. He added: “Unfortunately, the number of projects in the humanitarian assistance sector has decreased, and humanitarian assistance shows a decrease compared to the previous year. Of course, this is related to their own technical problems and the problems they have with their own donors.”

On Friday, the United Nations Security Council issued a report saying that due to the intervention of the officials of the Islamic Emirate, restrictions on the transfer of aid and mistreatment of aid workers, 56 of their aid programs have been stopped in Afghanistan since July.

In this report, it is stated that the actions of the officials of the Islamic Emirate have challenged their efforts to deal with the humanitarian crisis of this country.

The World Bank also said in its recent report that was released last week that two-thirds of Afghan families still do not have the ability to meet their food and non-food needs.

A part of the report states: “Some key challenges remain. The financial system is limited, two-thirds of Afghan households are unable to buy food and other basic non-food items.

Meanwhile, a number of needy people in the capital also complain about their living conditions and say that their conditions have worsened.

Nematullah, a resident of the “Company” area of Kabul city, told Salam Watandar that he is the head and breadwinner of a family of seven. But due to the lack of work, he cannot provide for his family’s expenses.

He adds: “I come from morning to night. There are seven of us in the house. If I work, we eat bread, I didn’t, we are hungry. I can’t earn the money for my livelihood.”

Mohammad Awad, a resident of Dasht Barchi area of Kabul city, also says: “There are seven of us, but I am the only worker. Our situation has gotten worse, not better.”

However, Bilal Karimi, one of the deputy spokespersons of the Islamic Emirate, in response to the claim of the suspension of 56 United Nations aid programs, says that all claims must be presented with evidence and aid activities must be carried out in coordination with the officials of the Islamic Emirate.