73 cases of murder in Paktia province in a year

GARDEZ (SW) – Authorities in Paktia have confirmed at least 73 cases of murders in the province in the past one year alone.

Qari Aslam Karamat, the Security Commander of Paktia Police Headquarters, said in a meeting that during the last one year, there have been 73 murders in this province and 94 men and three women have been arrested. He said that these incidents happened due to various reasons.

He added that in the past one year, in addition to murders, there were 305 cases of forgery, illicit sexual relations, running away from home, suicide, fraud, illegal extortion, armed robbery, kidnapping and some other crimes in this province. He said 705 men and seven women have been arrested.

In this meeting, the officials of the Paktia Police Headquarters mentioned the tough fight against drugs and said that they have stopped not only the cultivation of all kinds of drugs, but also the purchase, sale and transportation.

In Paktia, this meeting to hold the officials accountable to the people was hosted by the Gardez Municipality, which was attended by the Paktia Police Headquarters and some civil departments officials, as well as the citizens of Gardez amd public representatives.