Gold traders see spike in sales

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KABUL (SW) – A number oof jewellers in Kabul say that the gold sales have increased by more than 40% compared to the last month.

Abdul Fattah, one of the gold sellers in Deh Afghanan in Kabul city, said that the number of his customers has increased these days and he sells nearly 800 grams of gold daily. He added: “Our gold sales business has flourished compared to the past months because weddings and engagements have started.”

Wais Ahmad, another gold seller in Kabul, said that he has imported more gold due to the increase in the number of his customers. “Now the sales are a little high. Everyone buys as much as they can afford. We also have customers who sell their gold. But the number of people who come to shop has increased compared to Ramadan.”

In the same way, Mohammad Iqbal, a gold shop owner in Malik Azar intersection in Kabul city, cited the holding of wedding parties and the different designs of gold coverings in his shop as the reasons for the increase in his customers. He added: “There have been some changes in gold prices in the last month. But people buy according to their needs. They like different designs of gold jewellery. We are working on the design to increase our customers.”

Meanwhile, some residents of the city who were at the gold shops to buy gold, said that the price of gold varies in different parts of the city. Farhat, a resident of Kabul, who came with her family to buy gold, said: “There is a wedding of one of our friends. We came to buy gold. Today, the price of gold in this market is expensive compared to other places. But it is still good gold. It has very good designs. I bought 21 carat gold for six thousand afghanis per gram.”

Currently, one gram of 18 carat Kuwaiti gold is sold for 4,750 afghanis and one gram of 21 carat Egyptian gold is sold for 5,700 afghanis.