The number of needy Afghans reaches 34 million 


MONITORING (SW) – The United Nations Development Program in Afghanistan (UNDP) in a report on the economic and social situation of Afghanistan in the year 2023 has said that the poverty level in this country has doubled and the number of needy Afghans has reached 34 million.

The author for the United Nations Development Program, Violetta Dala, has said: “Some Afghans have been forced to sell their houses, land or other assets to find money. A number of others employed children out of necessity or married their underage daughters and now the number of poor people in Afghanistan reaches 34 million.”

In this report, the United Nations Development Program has mentioned some developments in last year’s economic indicators, such as maintaining the value of the afghani, increasing exports, and collecting domestic revenue.

One of the authors of the report, Zafizus Xanatos, said at a press conference that Afghanistan still needs a lot of aid. “If these subsidies are reduced by 30 percent, the price of gross product may also decrease to 0.4 percent in 2023.”

Meanwhile, the spokesman of the Ministry of Economy, Abdul Rahman Habib, acknowledged the poverty, but said the numbers of the United Nations Development Program are incorrect. He said that the number of needy people in Afghanistan to receive funds from the program is extremely high.

This comes as the Islamic Emirate has imposed restrictions on UN female workers in Afghanistan, and aid organizations have also said that this decision will make the process of providing aid to Afghans a challenge.