Islamic Emirate not on track to earn recognition, says analysts

KABUL (SW) – Analysts believe the Islamic Emirate is not on track to earn international recognition due to its policies in Afghanistan, especially towards women and girls.

The Islamic Emirate has repeatedly asked the international community to officially interact with it and recognize its government in the last year or so, but the international community refused to do so because of the policies of the Emirate and the restrictions imposed on the people, especially women.

Deputy Minister of Economy, Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, on Wednesday of last week, in a meeting held on the occasion of the third anniversary of the Doha Agreement, once again emphasized the need for interaction with the world. He said that he wants good interaction with the world and according to him, no country can operate alone.

At the same time, an expert on international relations, Mohammad Akram Arifi says that the international community’s efforts to maintain democratic values, the past actions of the Islamic Emirate and the current domestic politics with imposed restrictions on people, especially women, in education, work and other areas, have caused it not to be recognized.

Political science researcher Daud Tanin says that the failure to build an inclusive government, the ban on the education and work of Afghan girls and women, and the Islamic Emirate’s failure to consider some international values that are important for the interaction between states are the reasons for the non-recognition.

However, Bilal Karimi, the deputy spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, insists that the international community should interact considering the achievements of the government.

“There is no challenge to stop the interaction. As a responsible government, the Islamic Emirate has strengthened security, secured the country’s borders, and all institutions provide good services. That the Islamic Emirate has good achievements in the economy, governance and in ending corruption and theft, it eradicated drugs, the world should count on them and have an official interaction.”