EU renews call for inclusive government in Afghanistan

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KABUL (SW) – Tomas Niklasson, Special Envoy of the European Union for Afghanistan, has said that the EU remains committed to maintaining its presence – diplomatic and humanitarian – in Afghanistan and remains committed to assisting and interacting with the people of Afghanistan.

He said this after meeting deputy minister at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Maulawi Abdul Kabir, in Kabul.

“Our doors remain open to dialogue with the de facto authorities and other Afghans, within the country and abroad, to hopefully contribute to finding solutions and a sustainable peace”, he tweeted.

Meanwhile, Bilal Karimi, the Deputy Spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, told Salam Watandar that the new aspect in this visit was the emphasis of the European Union’s special representative on non-interference in Afghanistan’s internal affairs. According to him, the Islamic Emirate has taken good steps in the field of good governance, and people related to the previous government and all provinces and communities are working in the institutions.

On the other hand, Syed Shafiqullah Sadat, a university professor, said while commenting on this that the Islamic Emirate has come to the conclusion, considering the international pressures and diplomatic relations, that it has not progressed like this and should adhere to an inclusive government that has national and international legitimacy.

” Efforts are being made by some groups. I am optimistic that representatives of governments and international institutions will come and negotiate with the Islamic Emirate. It has been a few days that the situation is such that the doors of schools and universities may be opened”.

However, political activist Juma Khan Puya said the European Community and the United States have come to the conclusion that the continuation of this situation is not in the interest of the region and the world after almost two years have passed since the government of the Islamic Emirate.

“The international community is trying to compel the current leadership of Afghanistan to take steps to build an inclusive government.”