42 lives lost in criminal cases during one month

KABUL (SW) – Figures compiled by Salam Watandar from media reports suggest at least 42 lives were lost to various crimes during one month alone.

According to reports published in the media, in the past month, at least 31 criminal incidents have occurred across the country, eight of which occurred in the first half of last month and 23 of which occurred in the second half of this month, which shows an increase of more than two times.

As a result of these incidents at least 42 people have been killed.

Khost, with five criminal incidents in the last month, has the highest number. Parvan has taken the second place with four criminal events in the last month.

Abdul Wahid, the brother of one of the victims in Parwan, said: “If the perpetrators of these events are not brought to justice, what is the difference between this government and the previous government? We are poor people and we go to the garden, today my brother got killed, tomorrow another will be killed. If they don’t stop these events, it will continue.”

In the past month, two criminal cases of murder have been reported from Kapisa.

Mohammad Saber, the brother of one of these victims, said: “Two bullets hit his head and one bullet in his arm and killed him. We are helpless people. We want the current government to identify and arrest the killers.”

In addition to Kapisa, Ghazni, Faryab, Bamyan, Logar and Balkh have also reported two criminal incidents in the media in the past month, as a result of which 17 people were killed.

The rest of the cases recorded in this report were reported from Baghlan, Kabul, Jawzjan, Nangarhar, Sarpol, Kandahar, Paktia and Samangan.

Most of the criminal incidents in the past month were involving ‘unknown’ armed persons while a number of incidents were motivated by theft, tribal and family tensions.

This has made citizens worried about not having personal and financial security.

Khalid Naseri, a person who has faced an armed robbery incident in the city of Kabul in recent days, said: “Last Wednesday morning, when I was going to a bakery in Bibi Ruqiyeh alley in the 10th district, two armed men on a motorcycle attacked me. They took my cell phone and some cash that I had, and threatened to kill me if I reacted.”

Meanwhile, the officials of the Ministry of Interior, without confirming or denying the increase in criminal events in recent weeks, say that they have received many complaints about it.

Basmullah Habib, the deputy spokesman of the ministry, told Salam Watandar: “In one month, more than 100 people from different parts of Kabul have been identified and arrested in connection with criminal offenses such as murder, armed robbery, theft of houses and property.”

Sadeq Shinwari, an expert on security affairs, says: “The factors behind these events are things like poverty and there is still no proper and professional fight against criminal crimes, which is why murders and other crimes are increasing day by day.”

According to officials at the Supreme Court of Afghanistan in the last three months, 80 cases of theft and nearly 2000 cases of murder have been registered in courts across the country.

Inayatullah, the spokesperson of the Supreme Court of Afghanistan, told Salam Watandar: “In the last three months, 80 cases of theft have been registered in the country’s courts, of which 59 cases have been dealt with and work is ongoing on 21 other cases. Likewise, during this period, 1983 cases of murder have been registered, and half of them have been dealt with”.