Winter aid worth AFN 45 million dispatched for Wakhan


KABUL (SW) – An aid package worth AFN 45 million for the needy people in Wakhan district of Badakhshan province has been dispatched.

The local officials of Badakhshan say that a delegation from the Ministry of Border Affairs and Tribal Affairs, in cooperation and in coordination with the local administration of this province, has transferred food and non-food aid worth 45 million afghanis to the residents of Wakhan.

Hamdullah Fitrat, the head of communications and publications at the Ministry of Border Affairs and Tribal Affairs, said that 18 food and non-food items have been transferred to the residents of remote Wakhan and Pamirian districts.

He added that this assistances included 100 large and standard tent poles, 350 sacks of 50 kg flour, 350 sacks of 50 kg rice, 850 blankets, gas balloons and winter clothes.

According to the local officials of Badakhshan, in addition to the winter aid, the installation of a telecommunication network towers, construction of the road, the upgrading, financing and equipping of the clinic have also been planned.