SAMO joins hands with UNESCO to train female journalists

KABUL (SW) – Salam Afghanistan Media Organization has joined hands with the UNESCO in Afghanistan to provide a platform for emerging female journalists in the country.

The platform of learning professional journalism is provided to the girls and women so they can take advantage of the media abilities and foster creative ideas. This is the main reason why SAMO and UNESCO in Afghanistan have started the joint scientific and entrepreneurial cooperation.

The purpose of this program, which will be followed in six months, is to improve the journalistic skills of women and create opportunities for their employment in the media.

Having a bachelor’s degree from a journalism school, being a student in this field, and also being interested in working in the media, are some of the conditions that Salam Watandar Radio has considered for recruiting female trainees in this program.

After checking the necessary skills and passing the test, the female trainees can be included in the professional journalist training program at the Salam Afghanistan Media Organisation (Salam Watandar Radio).

After examining the necessary skills of female journalists and taking a test from them, Salam Afghanistan Media Organization (Salam Watandar Radio) will rovide them with professional journalistic training.

This course includes training in report writing, production and preparation of radio programs and training in technical areas. After completion of the program, a certificate will be issued by Salam Afghanistan Media Organization and UNESCO to those who complete this training program.