Banking sector restrictions make life difficult in the countryside


TARINKOT (SW) – The banking sector restrictions have made life difficult for residents across Afghanistan, particularly in the remote and rural areas.

A number of residents of Uruzgan say that recently all the private banks of this province have run out of cash due to which people are facing many problems.

Mohammad Shafiq is a resident of Dehradun district and works in a private organization. He told Salam Watandar that his salary has been remitted, but due to the lack of money in the bank, the money is not being paid.

According to him, he visited the bank several times to get his salary, but he was told that there is no money in the bank and he should wait.

He said: “The lack of money in banks has increased. When I got to the bank, they replied that there is no money, our own money is locked up in the banks, the government should solve this problem as soon as possible.”

Some other residents of the province have the same complaint and say that due to the lack of money in the banks, their business has been hindered and delayed.

They said that due to the lack of money in the banks, the buying and selling market has also been affected and buying and selling are not done like before.

Basmullah, a resident of the province, said: “When we come to the bank, they say there is no money, so we want the government to give us our money on time. If this situation continues, our trust in the bank will end.”

At the same time, a source told Salam Watandar that money changers who operate in Tarinkot city physically transfer their money to other provinces due to lack of trust in banks, which has led to the shortage of afghanis in the market.

For the past two days, Salam Watandar has been trying to get the opinion of the Da Afghanistan Bank regarding this problem, but the spokesman of the bank, Hasibullah Noori, did not come to talk despite the promise of an interview.