Five alleged Daesh militants killed in Herat


HERAT/ TALUQAN (SW) – The Islamic Emirate authorities in Herat claimed to have killed at least five Daesh militants in the province.

According to the provincial intelligence directorate, this operation was carried out last night in the area of ​​”Malabaji” in the center of Herat city, and a hideout of the Daesh was destroyed.

In a statement, it stated that among the dead, there are also foreign citizens.

Two days ago, the General Directorate of Intelligence announced an operation on the hideout of the same group in Khairkhaneh, Kabul.

Separately, residents of Takhar told Salam Watandar that a vehicle carrying the Islamic Emirate forces was targeted by a magnetic mine explosion in the city of Taleghan, the capital of this province.

According to the witnesses of the incident, a vehicle carrying prisoners were targeted.

Abdul Mobin Safi, the spokesman of the Takhar Security Command, confirmed this incident and said that the explosion occurred near the headquarters of Taleghan city court but there are no casualties.

So far, no person or group has claimed responsibility for this incident.