Turkish organization to build religious schools in Afghanistan

KABUL (SW) – The Ministry of Education of the caretaker government of the Islamic Emirate has announced that a Turkish organization will build five religious schools in five provinces of the country.

The Ministry of Education stated in a series of tweets on Saturday that the ministry and the “Idif” charity foundation of Turkey signed a memorandum of understanding for the construction of five religious schools, which are to be built by this organization in five provinces of the country.

The memorandum of understanding for the construction of these schools was signed between Habibullah Agha, Acting Minister of Education, and Mohammad Turan, the head of the Turkish organization.

The Ministry of Education noted that during the signing of this memorandum, the head of the ministry called the construction of five schools by the Turkish charity foundation as an important development and expressed his gratitude to the said organization.

Acting Minister of Education has assured the Turkish charity foundation that this ministry will provide all facilities for the implementation of these projects.

The Ministry of Education said that the Turkish Foundation is going to build five religious schools based on this memorandum in five provinces of the country, where each school will have four classes, a boundary wall, a mosque, drinking water system and other necessary facilities.

The cost of building these schools is estimated at 25,000 US dollars.