Fire eruption in Jawzjan displaces hundreds of families

SHEBRTHHAN (SW) – The strange fire eruption in Balamardian village of Jawzjan province continues some two weeks after it gripped the area.

Jawzjan security officials say that 800 families have been displaced from Balamardian village after a fire broke out.

Abdul Sattar Halimi, the spokesman of Jawzjan Security Command, told Salam Watandar that the continuation of the fire in Balamardian village has caused families to be displaced from this village to Shaberghan city and Balkh province.

According to the spokesperson of Jawzjan Security Command, the fire in this village has not been contained yet, but efforts are continuing to control this situation with the mediation of elders and scholars. He added that Balamardian village is one of the big villages of Faizabad district, which has been burning for more than two weeks.

However, some residents of Balamardian village say that the fire is still going on in this village. According to them, the continuation of this situation will make this village uninhabited, which is extremely unfortunate.

Meanwhile, Saifuddin Moatasim, the head of information and culture of Jawzjan, who went to Balamardian village to investigate the situation, says that the fire in this village has decreased compared to the previous days.

But he added that the fire caused huge financial losses to the residents of this village. The head of information and culture of Jawzjan asks national and international organizations to increase their assistance to the residents of this village.

According to the statistics obtained by Salam Watandar, 121 residential houses have been completely or partially burnt as a result of this fire.