Devastating floods wreck havoc across Afghanistan

KABUL (SW) – Flash floods caused by torrential rains have wrecked havoc across Afghanistan with dozens of people killed and vast swathes of land submerged.

The floods have destroyed hundreds of residential houses and thousands of acres of agricultural land in several areas of the country, especially in Khushi district of Logar province.

The local officials of Logar have announced the death toll of the last 24-hour floods in this province as 20 dead, 32 injured and 4 missing. Also, as a result of the floods in this province, 3,000 houses were destroyed and 2,000 livestock were lost.

Ahmadullah Anas, the spokesman of the Logar security command, told Salam Watandar: “So far 20 of our countrymen have been martyred, of which 9 are children and 2 are women. Similarly, 32 people are injured and 4 people are missing”.

In addition to this, Nuristan, Laghman and Uruzgan provinces also witnessed floods during the past day and night, which left huge casualties and financial losses.

In the last 24 hours, as a result of the floods in Nuristan, 15 people have been killed and 20 others have been injured. Saifuddin Leton, the spokesman of Nuristan governor, told Salam Watandar that the floods caused huge financial losses to the people and destroyed many residential houses.

On the other hand, the local officials of Laghman say that 3 people were killed and 15 others were injured as a result of the floods in this province last night.

In the same way, the local officials of Uruzgan also say that as a result of the floods in the last week in this province, one child was killed and nearly 280 houses were destroyed.

Abdallah Khalid, the head of fighting against natural disasters in Uruzgan, told Salam Watandar: “During the past week, only one child was killed in the Klekhor area as a result of floods, and houses were also destroyed in the same week.”

Mohammad Nasim Haqqani, the spokesperson of the Ministry of Disaster Management, says that the road closure has made it difficult to provide aid in this province as a result of the floods. “In Khushi district of Logar province, the roads are blocked and there are many casualties. This morning there was no way, again, it has been done to a certain extent and the survey has not been completed yet. “People have suffered a lot and their houses have been destroyed.”

Abdulbasit Rahmani, an expert on natural events, said in an interview with Salam Watandar that the country’s warning and monitoring system has major problems and is not up to the standard.

“We have two parameters in climate-related events that make the warning more powerful. One is hydrology, and the other is metrology. The Meteorology Department monitors metrology or meteorological parameters, and the Ministry of Energy and Water monitors the hydrology department. Unfortunately, the data of both of them is scattered and is presented separately or not.”

It is necessary to remember that in the past one week, the occurrence of floods in the country has left a lot of casualties and financial losses.