Bamyan women activists arrested, interrogated

BAMYAN (SW) – Local sources in Bamyan, who did not want to be identified, told Salam Watandar that intelligence forces had arrested and interrogated 11 women since Saturday on charges of disrupting a program in support of the Islamic Emirate.

According to these sources, the fate of the detained women is still unknown.

Sources add that last Friday, a number of girls at the end of a women’s conference in support of the Islamic Emirate held at Bamyan Stadium protested against the closing of school gates to female students in the sixth grade and chanted slogans, “Open the gates of schools to girls”, “we do not support a system that impedes the education of girls,” and tore down banners.

Meanwhile, Saif al-Rahman Mohammadi, Bamyan’s director of information and culture, told Salam Watandar that these protesting women have not been detained by the Islamic Emirate forces but were questioned by the intelligence service to “understand” why they tore down the banners, and they have now been released.

The head of information and culture in Bamyan did not provide information on how many women had been interrogated to inform the provincial intelligence service.

Sources also say that two former government national security officers were also detained and tortured by the Islamic Emirate’s intelligence forces in Bamyan.

Local officials in Bamyan have not commented on the arrests.