Spin Boldak crossing point with Pakistan reopens

KANDAHAR CITY (SW) – The Spin Boldak – Chaman crossing point between Afghanistan and Pakistan has finally been reopened for public, confirmed officials on Sunday.

Officials at the Islamic Emirate in Kandahar say the crossing point has been reopened after being closed for three days.

A spokesman for the Kandahar governor and officials at the Spin Boldak commissioner’s office confirmed the gate has been reopened to passengers.

The crossing gate was opened to the public after a delegation from Chaman arrived in Kandahar yesterday and met with local officials in the province to discuss the reopening of the road.

According to local officials in Kandahar province, an agreement has been reached with the delegation from Chaman and the gate has been reopened to passengers.

However, no details about the agreement has been shared about the visit to Kandahar by the delegation from Chaman for the reopening of the Spin Boldak gate.

The Spin Boldak border gate, through which thousands of people enter Pakistan every day, has been closed by Pakistani authorities from time to time, causing problems for many travelers on both sides.

A few days ago, there were reports of clashes between the Islamic Emirate forces and Pakistani forces at the gate, which led to the closure of the gate.