Taliban briefly abduct two journalists in Herat

HERAT (SW) – The Taliban insurgents briefly held two journalists captive in the Herat city amid ensuing violence here.

Salam Watandar correspondent Shakeeb Shams and his journalist wife Storay Karimi, reported for Pajhwok Afghan News, were held at gun point by the Taliban insurgents as they covered raging fighting in this third biggest city of Afghanistan.

Shams said the insurgents took him and his wife to their self-proclaimed district governor.

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“I was covering the fighting on the frontline in the Pul Malan area, there were two armored vehicles of the security forces there, the moment I drive around 50 meters away from that spot, fires were shot at my car, but luckily it only hit the side mirror and a door”, said Shams.

He said the insurgents checked his mobile phone, and only released him when Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahed was approached.

The insurgents have not commented on it.