Women in Jawzjan take up arms against the Taliban

SHEBERGHAN (SW) – Dozens of women in Jawzjan have taken up arms against the Taliban insurgents in the province.

Razia, a Jawzjani woman who commands and directs dozens of women in the province, said they had taken up arms to defend the country against the Taliban.

Razia added that in the current situation where the democracy as well as the honor and dignity of the people are in danger, they have entered the battlefield and would fight against the Taliban side by side with the security forces.

“Martyrdom in the way to protect the homeland is an honor and pride, and Afghanistan is in dire need of a national mobilization and mutual acceptance in the current situation,” Razia said.

Meanwhile, Jawzjan Governor Mohammad Hashim Raees said many women in the province had taken up arms and have mobilized against the Taliban to provide security and defend the people.

Welcoming the development, a number of civil society activists feel all sections of society should be mobilized against the Taliban. According to them, hundreds of Jawzjan residents have now gone to the trenches fighting the Taliban and strengthening the ranks of the security forces.

On the other hand, Zabihullah Mujahid, a Taliban spokesman, said that the government in Jawzjan was taking advantage of the position of women and the general public with such a move. According to Mujahid, the members of this group have no enmity with women and the general public.