Taliban blamed for killing 10 deminers in Baghlan

PUL-I-KHUMRI (SW) – Unknown armed men killed at least 12 deminers of the Halo Trust in Baghlan province, officials confirmed on Wednesday.

Confirming the news, district governor of Baghlan-i-Markazi, Seyed Kamal Wardak told Salam Watandar that 12 masked gunmen had killed 12 and wounded 17 others.

The incident took place in the middle of last night in Sheikh Jalal village of this district. The injured were taken to hospital for treatment.

Sources told Salam Watandar that the gunmen also took the money and belongings of the mine clearing workers.

Baghlan police spokesman Ahmad Javed Besharat blamed the attack on the Taliban and said police had begun an investigation. The Interior Ministry also said that the Taliban had shot dead the mine cleaners.

“The group has repeatedly targeted service providers. Service proving and academic institutions, as well as sanctuaries, needs to be protected during combats, but the terrorist Taliban continue their crimes against these places and innocent people and against all human and human values”, Tariq Arian the ministry spokesman tweeted.

So far, no group, including the Taliban, has claimed responsibility for the attack.