56,000 children to miss polio vaccination in Jawzjan

SHEBERGHAN (SW) – Officials in Jawzjan province estimate some 56,000 children might miss the polio vaccination here due to presence of the Taliban insurgents.

This came as fresh polio vaccination campaign began here.

According to a monitoring team by the World Health Organization, these children reside in areas under the clout of the Taliban.

Head of the WHO’s regional office, Sadiq Ataey, said a total of 177,000 would be provided with the polio vaccination across the province. He said 121,000 of these children are residing in the provincial capital Sheberghan. He acknowledged 56,000 children in restive parts would be unable to receive the crucial polio vaccine due to insecurity in different districts.

Urging the Taliban not to hinder the process, officials said more than 600 health workers would be engaged for the fresh vaccination drive. Provincial governor Lutfullah Azizi called on the general public to support the vaccination campaign.

The locals expressed concerns over thousands of children missing on the polio vaccine.