WFP says $ 16 million needed to help the needy in Afghanistan

KABUL (SW) – The World Food Program says it needs 16 million dollars to help the needy in addition to returning refugees in Afghanistan.

The World Food Program said in a video on X “Twitter” on Thursday that they need 16 million dollars to help over one million Afghans.

As thousands of people are forcibly returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan every day, this foundation says that it has provided food and cash assistance to 112,000 people so far.

The World Food Program also said in this video that these Afghan refugees are being forcibly returned to the country in a very bad situation. According to the WFP, most returning refugees do not have food and face an uncertain future.

The WFP say that the returned refugees do not have a place for shelter, they are facing a shortage of resources to continue their lives and winter is approaching.

Afghan refugees are forced to return to the country at a time when the country has already suffered a disaster due to the earthquake. The World Food Program has called the weak economy of Afghans, climate change another edge of this disaster.

It added that many of the returnees need urgent assistance as they face a shortage of financial resources.

Earlier, the World Food Program requested 400 million dollars to provide food and other goods to the needy in remote areas of Afghanistan. On Sunday, November 12, the World Food Program wrote on X “Twitter page” that there are only a few weeks left for winter in Afghanistan and it is necessary to deliver timely aid to our regions.

The World Food Program also expressed concern on its X page about the situation of Afghan refugees forcibly returning from Pakistan.

According to this organization, while 15 million people do not know where to get their next-day food, the flow of Afghan refugees from Pakistan is also increasing rapidly.