Pakistan warns Afghan migrants involved in political activities

Islamabad (SW) – The Ministry of Interior of Pakistan, has warned the Afghan migrants residing in Pakistan to refrain from engaging in the political activities and election process of this country.

A statement issued on Monday, November 27 said that if Afghan immigrants help any candidate or party in the country’s election activities, they will be expelled.

According to the statement, Afghan migrants do not have the right to engage in Pakistan’s elections and therefore this action is illegal and anyone living in this country legally or illegally, must be deported.

“Any Afghan citizen involved in such activities will face deportation, regardless of their legal status in Pakistan.” The ministry also urged Pakistani citizens not to employ or assist illegal aliens in securing employment.

The statement further appealed individuals to report any information regarding illegal aliens or those employing them to the ministry of interior of Pakistan for legal action.

Although, this ministry has not mentioned about illegal migrants of specific country, but there are many Afghan migrants living in Pakistan.

This is while Pakistan has started the process of deporting illegal Afghan refugees from this country since November 1st and So far, thousands of families have been returned to Afghanistan.

According to reports, about 400,000 people have been forcibly returned from Pakistan to Afghanistan.