20 women learn tailoring in Balkh

MAZAR-E-SHARIF (SW) – Officials at the Department of Labor and Social Affairs in Balkh say that the Turkish state-owned charity “Tika” in this province has provided 20 young ladies with the opportunity to learn sewing and embroidery.

Mikael Tashdemir, head of TIKA office, has said that this institution has established a small sewing and embroidery workshop in Balkh in order to support girls and women deprived of education and work. According to him, these 20 young ladies are trained in sewing and embroidery by two teachers in this small workshop in six months.

He adds: “We have provided 14 sets of sewing machines and six sets of embroidery machines to 20 women in Balkh, so that they can learn sewing and embroidery in six months.”

At the same time, a number of women who have been given the opportunity to learn sewing and embroidery in this workshop express their happiness since the beginning of its activity.

They added that after learning sewing and embroidery training, they will become self-sufficient and part of their economic problems will be solved.

Marwarid, one of the women in the sewing and embroidery training workshop, said: “I am very happy that such workshops have been built so that we can learn skills and get rid of our homesickness in a situation where we are banned from going to school.”

It should be mentioned that since the establishment of the Islamic Emirate and the prohibition of women from working in a number of sectors, the activity of sewing and embroidery workshops has increased in the country.