War victims demand reparations from the US, allies

KABUL (SW) – “They brutally martyred everyone, their operation took place two kilometers from our houses. I was on duty, when I came back, it was Doomsday. What was our sin? We were not soldiers, we were just civilians.”

These are the words of Abdul Jabbar Safi, one of the family members of the victims of the bombing of the American forces in Chahadre district of Kunduz in 2018.

Abdul Jabbar, said this on Sunday in a meeting called “Afghanistan People’s Lawsuit for War Compensation” in Kabul. He said that he has not received any help from the Afghan government or from the countries involved in the war so far and demanded to receive compensation.

He aadded “There were three families, we got 14 wounded and martyrs, and so far no one has asked us. At that time, one of my sons, who was two or two and a half years old, was pulled alive from under five meters of soil. No one has helped us so far.”

A number of political-civil activists who attended this meeting have also demanded from the countries involved in the last four decades of wars in Afghanistan, especially from the US and its allies, to pay war compensation for the victims of the last two decades of wars.

Salim Pagir, an analyst, said that in order to advance the cases of war victims who are eligible to receive war compensation, a commission was established three months ago by the British Ministry of Defense in London and so far 400 cases have been approved in this commission.

He adds: “Today is the first time in the history of Afghanistan that the voice of the oppressed and poor people of Afghanistan is raised. As a result of the NATO wars in twenty years, the blood of thousands of Afghans was shed. Shakur Afghan and Qayyum Nikzad raised the voice of the Afghan nation in London and forced the British nation to pay war reparations.”

On the other hand, Hamidullah Hotak, another analyst, said that the people of Afghanistan need to receive war compensation for the victims’ families within the framework of human rights.

He says: “They bombed defenseless people in Helmand and other provinces, villages and districts at weddings, in mosques and schools. I am calling on them, America, foreign countries and partner countries that are shouting about human rights, come and give us our rights in the framework of human rights.”

In this meeting, civil and political activists ask the families of war victims in Afghanistan to register their cases with them to receive compensation so that it can be sent to a commission in London for review. According to these activists, so far 1800 cases have been received by this commission, of which 400 cases are eligible for compensation.