Returnees from Iran share tales of abuse by Iranian police

KABUL (SW) – A number of Afghan citizens who have recently returned from Iran are complaining and dissatisfied with the misbehavior of the Iranian police.

In recent years, especially after the collapse of the Republic and the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate, thousands of Afghan citizens have migrated to neighboring countries, including Iran and Pakistan, due to poverty and unemployment.

They recently returned Afghans from Iran state that the reasons for their return are the non-payment of their wages on time by the Iranian employers, the increase in the price of goods, the low value of the Iranian currency, and the humiliation and insult of the Afghan immigrants by the Iranian police.

Ashabullah, a resident of Badakhshan, who has recently returned from Iran, said that the high price of goods and non-payment of his salary by his employer have caused him to return to the country. He added: “Our problems there were that we were working, they didn’t pay us on time, and they took away our money and didn’t give it to us. No one listens to us because we are immigrants.”

Naqibullah, another citizen who recently returned from Iran, said that Afghans go to Iran because of poverty and unemployment, but in Iran, they face the misbehavior of the country’s police. He added: “We migrated to Iran because of the economic problems we had. When we entered the territory of Iran, we encountered the wrong treatment of human traffickers. The Iranian government is really misbehaving with Afghan migrants. We were looked down upon and humiliated.”

Seyyed Naqibullah, another citizen of the country, said that one of the most important reasons for his return from Iran was the excessive prices in that country. According to him, the value of the Iranian Toman against the afghani has decreased significantly and due to the high price of goods, migrants have to spend more than half of their income on their living expenses in Iran. He added: “Afghan migrants have many problems, including economic problems. Previously, a can of oil was 80 thousand tomans, but now a can of oil costs 480 thousand tomans. The prices are very high. Previously, a worker used to work for one million tomans, it was consumed and he could send home four million tomans. But for now, each one million tomans is 1,700 afghanis, and if each worker works for six million tomans, he will spend approximately 3.5 million tomans, and there is nothing left for him.”

At the same time, Asifa Stanekzai, an activist for the rights of migrants, called the provision of work in the country one of the ways to prevent the migration of young people. He added: “In the women’s section, the existing restrictions should be removed so that half of the society that is currently restricted, these should be implemented.”

In addition, the returnees say that no domestic or foreign institutions have cooperated with them and they are still unemployed and suffering from economic problems. They ask the caretaker government of the Islamic Emirate and aid institutions to provide them with a working environment. It should be mentioned that Iran and Pakistan host the largest number of Afghan migrants, but Afghan migrants have always complained about the misbehavior of the police in these two countries.