Cut off in aid sparks fears of starvation

KABUL (SW) – Thousands of aid-dependent families across Afghanistan fear starvation after the warning of the World Food Program (WFP) about cutting off its aid.

Qadir, a resident of the center of Bamyan, who is the head of his family of five, told Salam Watandar that aid from aid organizations is the only way to meet his family’s food needs. “I myself am disabled and unable to work. The money and food that comes to us through the World Food Program meets our nutritional needs. Our daily bread is prepared in this way. If this aid is cut off, we will die.”

Raz Mohammad, a resident of “Babus” area of Logar, who heads his family of seven, said that he has been providing his family’s daily food needs through the World Food Program for several months. He added: “This is our day and night food. If these aids are cut off, we will face problems to prepare food because there are no jobs and it is expensive to buy food. There is no other way.”

Similarly, Qurban, a resident of Daikandi, said that he is unable to meet the food needs of his six-member family due to unemployment and poverty. “The economy of our family is very bad. Without these donations, we don’t know how to survive. There is no work or agriculture. The only way is through relief aid through which we get food.”

However, Abdul Rahman Habib, the spokesman of the Ministry of Economy, told Salam Watandar that the international community and aid organizations should continue to help the needy in Afghanistan in the current situation. According to him, these aids should not be used as a political pressure lever. The spokesman of the Ministry of Economy added: “On the one hand, economic sanctions and on the other hand, the reduction or cutoff of aid from the international community, they should not make such a decision. Besides this, the international community should pay attention to infrastructure projects to solve people’s economic problems. We are trying to solve the economic problem permanently by implementing the plans.”

Citizens in need of food aid in Afghanistan are worried about the cutoff of humanitarian aid. According to the World Food Program, the amount of food aid provided by this organization will decrease in August and will end in October under current circumstances.