Thousands of tourists visit Afghanistan

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KABUL (SW) – Thousands of foreign tourists have visited Afghanistan since the Islamic Emirate took charge, said an official.

Mohammad Nabi Bahar, the director of the state-owned Afghan Tour Company, told Salam Watandar that over 4,000 foreign tourists have visited Afghanistan’s natural landscapes and historical places in the past two years.

He added that every week, especially during the last weeks, 40 to 70 foreign tourists have been visiting the ancient and historical places of Afghanistan.

He said: “In a week, 40 to 70 foreign tourists come from different countries and visit the provinces of Afghanistan. They visit Afghanistan’s natural landscapes and historical buildings. We are creating facilities for extending visas for foreigners and giving letters for security, and we are also building an airport in Nuristan.”

Although archaeologists and culturalists say that Afghanistan has many places worth visiting to attract foreign tourists, they say that the number of tourists visiting historical places has decreased in the last two years.

Tajuddin Tashqin, a teacher and cultural expert at a university, said that if the historical places that are currently in danger of collapse are restored, Afghanistan will develop culturally and economically.

He said: “There are many historical and cultural places and the government has not taken necessary measures in this regard. Some 70 to 80 tourists do not come into any account, when we talk about attracting tourists, then at least four to five million foreign tourists should visit Afghanistan.”

Similarly, archaeologist and culturalist Ghulam Haider Kashkaki says that the restoration of destroyed historical places has an important role in attracting tourists.

He said: “Historical buildings that were destroyed due to natural disasters and wars should be restored and protected. Foreign tourists have increased, for example, Ghazni, which is the cultural center of Islamic civilization.”