Floods claim six lives in Ghor

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GHOR (SW) – Local officials in Ghor say that six people died as a result of the flood in Firuzkoh city and Pasaband district of the province.

Abdulwahid Hamas, the spokesman of Ghor governor, told Salam Watandar that three women and a young girl died and one woman went missing as a result of floods in “Madrasa” village of Firouzkoh city, the capital of this province.

He aadded hat at the same time, a woman and a man died and dozens of residential houses were damaged due to the flood in Kakri village of Pasaband district.

Amanullah, one of the residents of the Madrasa village in Firuzkoh city, says that more than 20 residential houses in this village have been destroyed due to the flood.

According to some residents of Pasaband district, today’s flood has caused damages in many villages of this district.