Islamic Emirate renews call for positive interaction with the world

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KABUL (SW) – With the extension of the mission of the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA), the Islamic Emirate has requested that the world ttakes positive steps to interact with the government in Afghanistan.

Bilal Karimi, one of the deputy spokespersons of the Islamic Emirate, in an interview with Salam Watandar, while welcoming the extension of UNAMA’s mission, requested that this institution takes fruitful steps to eliminate the gaps between the Islamic Emirate and the international community.

Mr. Karimi said that the Islamic Emirate has made achievements in governance, providing security and preventing corruption, but the international community has not cooperated with them in this regard.

The United Nations Security Council earlier this week announced the formation of a monitoring team for Afghanistan. Bilal Karimi, however, said that the Islamic Emirate does not know the details of the formation of this team so far.

It should be noted that despite the extended mission of the UNAMA, the international community and the United Nations have not yet established official relations with the Islamic Emirate or provide the seat of Afghanistan’s representative in the UN to the representative of the Islamic Emirate.