Pakistan’s shelling across Durand Line condemned by protesters in Paktia


GARDEZ (SW) – Pakistani forces’ shelling on villages across the Durand Line in Paktia province of Afghanistan led to a protest demonstration by the locals on Tuesday.

According to the protesters, Pakistani forces used heavy weapons and targeted the houses of residents of Dandpatan district in Paktia. The residents of Paktia gathered in Dandpatan district in response to the attacks of the Pakistani military on people’s houses and held a protest march against Pakistan.

The marchers said that Pakistan is openly encroaching on the territory of Afghanistan and if these encroachments continue, the citizens will stand by the forces of the Islamic Emirate and protect their land.

According to them, due to the attacks of Pakistani soldiers, a large number of residents of Dandpatan district have been displaced to other districts of Paktia.

One of the marchers says: “All the tribes of Paktia have gathered. We are not cruel and we are not prejudiced against anyone, but Pakistan is encroaching on our land. We are gathered here to say that if someone wants to usurp a piece of our land, we are ready to sacrifice for every piece of our land. We have given blood for generations. We defend the Islamic Emirate and the honor of Afghanistan, and whoever invades our territory, we are ready to fight them.”

Another one of the marchers said: “The young people have gathered here and the elders are also with us. Pakistan has encroached on our land, and we, the youth, the elders and all ethnic groups, support the Islamic Emirate with all our might, and alongside the Islamic Emirate and side by side with them, we defend our territory and we will not allow anyone to encroach on our territory.”

Meanwhile, a source told Salam Watandar that a delegation went to Dandpatan district in order to solve the problem between the Islamic Emirate and Pakistan but this problem has remained unsolved until now.

On the other hand, Zabihullah Mujahid, the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, has said that due to some local problems, conflicts arise from time to time along the Durand Line but the Islamic Emirate does not take strict action and asks the neighboring country not to resort to such action.

According to him, the Islamic Emirate is committed to protecting the borders and soil of Afghanistan.

“The people of Afghanistan have recently reached peace and we do not want this peace to disappear. At the same time, we want to protect our soil and borders. A joint committee between Afghanistan and Pakistan has been formed and will hold successive meetings to prevent such incidents in the future”.

The clashes between the Islamic Emirate and Pakistani military forces began last Sunday. In addition to casualties on both sides, hundreds of families have been displaced from their homes in Dandpatan district of Paktia province,