Germany pledges additional 90 million Euro for Afghanistan


KABUL (SW) – Germany has pledged an additional grant of Euro 90 for the humanitarian needs in Afghanistan.

The German diplomatic mission for Afghanistan said in series of tweets that it provides 187 million Euros for basic services in 2022, also implemented by the UN and NGOs, in particular in the areas of health, education and food security.
Germany in Afghanistan

“Against the backdrop of the dire humanitarian situation in #AFG🇦🇫, #Germany🇩🇪 ramps up its humanitarian assistance by another 90 million Euros with fresh grants to WFP and UNDP. The total now stands at 331 million € in 2022, implemented by the UN, ICRC and NGO´s.”, it tweeted.

Germany also deplored and condemned the systematic violations of human rights, in particular of Afghan girls and women. “All Afghans must have the right to movement, freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, without fear of arrest or intimidation”, it said.