Deteriorating air quality causes serious health concerns


KABUL (SW) – With the approaching winter, the air quality in the capital Kabul has deteriorated drastically causing serious health concerns.

Amir Mohammad, a resident of Kabul, told Salam Watandar the city’s air has become more polluted and this air pollution has exposed people to diseases and breathing problems.

A number of other residents of the capital say that the lack of resources has forced people to use low-quality fuel and plastic for heating.

Abdul Qadir, another resident of Kabul, said people are poor and have to use low-quality materials as timber and electricity cost a lot for heating.

However, Kabul Municipality officials say that they have plans in hand to reduce air pollution. Official say that since several months, air purifiers have been installed in high-rise buildings, public bathrooms and places that are smoky.

Nematullah Barakzai, the spokesperson of Kabul Municipality, said that since four months, the authorities have asked the owners of high-rise buildings, public bathrooms and places that are smoky to install filters, and the filters have been installed.

Basir Amin, the head of supervision and inspection of the National Department of Environmental Protection, said that the air pollution in Kabul city is less than in previous years and that the department has plans to reduce it. “Air pollution is less severe than in previous years, and we hope that it will not increase in the coming winter, and we have many plans to reduce air pollution.”

Environmental experts warn that air pollution is a gradual death that threatens millions of Kabul residents.