Pakistani minister calling Afghanistan as ‘enemy’ widely condemned

KABUL (SW) – Remarks by a Pakistani minister calling Afghanistan as ‘enemy’ has been widely condemned over the social media and by political analysts.

Analysts believe that Rana Sana Ullah has proven with his words that Pakistan has special enmity towards the people of Afghanistan.

According to experts, Pakistan has always been and will remain one of Afghanistan’s enemies with such attitude by Pakistani officials. Criticizing this, they added that the main cause of the war and the unfortunate situation in Afghanistan is such policies, and they suggest the Islamic Emirate should not rely on Pakistan regarding the issue of Afghanistan.

Salim Piqir, a political expert, says: “Pakistan was our enemy and will remain an enemy, all the people of Afghanistan should know this.”

Abuzar Khpalwak Zazi, another expert on political issues, said that there are two yypes of diplomatic policies. “One is open diplomacy and the other is hidden diplomacy. Countries have one thing in their motto but in practice, they do what suits their national interests.”

On the other hand, Mohammad Omar Davoudzai, the former ambassador of Afghanistan in Pakistan, has also reacted in this regard. Criticizing the words of the Interior Minister of Pakistan on his Twitter, he posted that such an “animal” also lives in Pakistan.

We wanted to have the opinion of the spokespersons of the Islamic Emirate about this, but we did not succeed despite repeated calls.

Meanwhile, in connection with the statements of the Minister of Interior Affairs of Pakistan, social media users in Pakistan and Afghanistan have also reacted strongly.