KABUL (SW) – Analysts believe the US has softened its stance towards the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan.

The US Department of State says that the US delegation headed by Thomas West, the country’s special representative for Afghanistan and the delegation of the Islamic Emirate in Doha, the capital of Qatar, on the issues of combating terrorism, economic stability, human rights, protection of those facing threats and opening girls’ schools.

Simultaneously with the visit of a delegation headed by Amir Khan Muttaqi, Acting Minister of Foreign Affairs to Qatar, political experts believe that due to the polarization of the world and the talks between the delegations of the United States and the Islamic Emirate, the strategy of Washington and its allies towards the Islamic Emirate will change and soften.

Nusratullah Haqpal, one of the experts in political issues, says in this regard that the great powers of the world want to strengthen their ranks, and the US is worried about Russia and China filling the vacuum in Afghanistan.

He added that America wants to fill this void because it has adopted the policy of interaction and dialogue with the Islamic Emirate.

The US Ministry of Foreign Affairs has also said that the goal cannot be achieved by using the policy of isolation, so there is a need to discuss issues and get results.

Mohibullah Sharif, an expert on international issues, says that the Islamic Emirate knows that governing alone is a difficult task, and the US also knows that it has no other alternative now. “Therefore, this factor has caused the two sides to hold a meeting in Qatar after a while to discuss important issues”.


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