MFA rejects report on foreign terrorist groups in Afghansitan

KABUL (SW) – The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has dismissed a recent report of the UN Security Council Monitoring Group on the “presence and activities of foreign groups in Afghanistan”.

The UN Security Council has said in a recent report that al-Qaeda has ties with the Taliban and that its members operate freely in Afghanistan.

The report said that with the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, al-Qaeda’s financial resources have expanded and the Taliban’s Islamic Emirate has strengthened its control over Afghanistan since 2022, with 41 members on the UN sanctions list serving in the cabinet and other high-ranking positions.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on Monday issued a statement saying that with the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate, any harm to the countries of the region and the world from Afghanistan has been prevented. The statement stressed that the Islamic Emirate has always tried to build an atmosphere of trust with the countries of the world and the region over the past nine months.

It added that the government is reaffirming its commitments and ensuring that no one is allowed to use Afghan territory against other countries.

The MFA also requested that information on such matter must not be obtained from unknown sources, saying that the current Afghan government should be given the legitimate right to present the facts through its Permanent Representative to the Security Council and other countries.